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"Movie Night with the Grassroots"

What is Movie Night about? Over the past 8 + years, Cecily and I have been acuminating a wealth of political knowledge. Fortunately for us, when I became interested in learning why our country is coming apart at the seams, providence led me to terrific mentors. Like Clark Hager, who have decades of local experience in eastern Washington, and could provide the kind of insight that would take a typical newbie years to figure out.

I also was fortunate to hool up with the liberty minded, constitutional conservatives, who were the Ron Paul supporters. The leaders became our closest friends in the loiberty movement and forever changed the way we look at life.

Each ‘Rabbit Hole’ we discovered let to an expanded awareness of the political reality we live in today. I’ll never forget when John Christina told me; “Look up Bohemia Grove”. That was the beginning of our understanding that the Republican Party is NOT the bastion or moral value - the Wizard behind the drape was exposed and a clearer agenda came to light.

Many of these ‘Rabbit Hole’ excursions became month long pet projects to expose political truths. Each topic we present at Movie Night is thoroughly researched and verified. We review ALL movies and video clips we show and made a determination long ago that we would avoid conspiratorial issues. Why? Because there is enough meaningful information available in non-conspiratorial issues to cause any thinking person to question politics, and especially question local political establishment hacks that have been orchestrating for the larger agenda for years.

We want YOU to be assured that when you invite and bring a friend to Movie Night they will be enriched with accurate information that can empower them to take action today by standing up against the political machine that is causing the problems we face in our country today.

The Events - July 2010 to July 2013

Northwest Grassroots provides instructive, meaningful education to help people discover their inner 'right bent'. To any groups, feel free to use our series as an example - invite friends with the right perspective to come together once a month to meet and get to know each other better. Come together to learn about issues from our state and county representatives.

It's NOT about the government, it's about the government you put in office. It's our responsibility to see it through, before the dumbing down is too widespread to correct peacefully.

The Cartoons - July 2010 to July 2013

At 49 events, over a 36 month time frame, these were some of the more meaningful political cartoons between 2010 to 2013. It is a venture to relive the events of those last three years - no wonder nothing else got done (like increasing income to prepare for our future).

Enjoy the music - credits are at the end of the video.

"Movie Night with the Grassroots"

Eastern Washington's Premier
Conservative Get-together.

Nearly 7.5 years, over 148 events - and Growing.

2nd Wednesday of every month.

Our Founding Fathers;

  • Who were they?
  • What did they believe about America?
  • What did they give up in order to create a free nation?
  • Would you be willing to do as they did?

Take just a few minutes and watch our presentation on the subject:

"The Price They Paid"

Join Northwest Grassroots and Spokane Tea Party Patriots email distribution list

Your connection for current and correct political information affecting us in the Northwest.

Look for emails announcing upcoming events (not just ours) where we can get together and get to know each other - WE are neighbors - WE are the ones that need to STAND TOGETHER to protect our families and neighborhoods.

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Purpose of this web site:
To provide a one stop web site that includes meaningful news on issues that affect YOUR Constitutional rights, as well as your potential to keep what you earn and become financially free.
To provide easy access to voting records of each elected official so you can see how they vote and represent your thoughts (see Representation)
To provide a simple way to email or get the fax number for each official to voice your opinion or concerns
(see Representation)

-The important thing to do is STAY CONNECTED!

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