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What power is there in a Grassroots movement? – by John Charleston

Grassroots are the well spring of divine dissatisfaction. Individually, we 'know' we have a God given 'right' to free enterprise; the right to succeed, to 'create' our own future, to reach for, and fulfill our personal dreams. We also have the 'right' to fail; to learn by experience what it is to reach out, take a risk, fail, and pay the consequences.

Grassroots inherently understand they are the power behind what is collectively right and moral. They get along and build together based upon similar values and needs. We work together to 'win', and maintain our 'Rule of Law' form of government, our Republic.

As more and more concerned citizens arise from the grassroots, become involved and help others learn the truth about what is needed to take our country back (education regarding local and state issues - and what to vote for), we will continue to gain leverage into the GOP political machine, and take it over in our State, just as the grassroots did in Spokane County in 2008.

There are 39 Counties in Washington State - 29 East of the Cascades. Position by position we can take control of our Counties and Cities. As we do that we will also continue to win local elected seats; from Cemetery Commissioner to County Commissioner to City Council Persons. TOGETHER we can make a huge difference!

Once we have voting control of the 29 Counties we can vote to replace our State GOP Board members with like minded true Constitutional Conservatives.

As Washington State regains it's values and fiscal responsibility, we will, like many other states, demand the Congressional, Senatorial, and National Republican election organizations LISTEN TO US and STOP sending TOP DOWN ultimatums, demands, and RINO candidates (like John Mc Cain, Lindsay Gram-nesty, and Dino Rossi), but instead ENDORSE AND SUPPORT OUR CANDIDATES.

That IS the straightforward grassroots movement and steps needed to succeed.

Now, LET'S DO IT! The first step (and many say is most powerful) is to take on the responsibility of a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). If your precinct has a PCO - get involved in your precinct today!

What is a PCO?

Download and Read:
'The Most Powerful Office In The World'

A 'PCO' is an elected position for Precinct Committee Officer

Do you have complaints about how the Republican Party establishment is run? Are you tired to the party being more interested in electing moderate or liberty 'Republicans In Name Only' (RINOs) just because they have an 'R' beside their name, rather than promoting conservative legislation or following the platform?

How can becoming a PCO make a difference?

Republican and Democratic Party officials (who sit on the GOP Central Committee for each County) in the state of Washington are elected by PCOs, who in turn are elected by voters in their precinct.

Most people do not know what a PCO is, and even fewer people run. In most precincts, PCO candidates run unopposed (often asked to run by the establishment party officials). In many districts, NO ONE runs for a PCO position. This is a way that JUST BY SHOWING UP you could make a big difference in party politics.  Once you are a PCO we can help you learn what the main issues are and which candidates for GOP office are holding the line on those issues.

Download and Read:
'The best way to campaign for PCO is . . .'

What do I need to do to become a PCO?

Fill out a PCO application form identifying your precinct and the party you want to represent.

Application Forms:
(print and fill out)
PCO Application Cecily Wright (Green Bluff)

PCO Declaration of Write-In Candidacy
For info call:
Additional Materials:    
PCO Training -
Christopher Bass
PCO Training -
Michele St. Pierre
GOP PCO Manual
(a bit overkill - for analysts :~

Spokane County Precinct Maps:

How to compel liberals and progressives
with sound reason
- Ken Guidry

This is a short audio overview of talking points designed to help liberals and progressives figure out that Conservatives are not the problem - but that GOVERNMENT is the problem - and what we must do to take back control.  Very enlightening!

Learn more at:

Spokane County Elections Department
1033 West Gardner
Spokane, WA 99260-0020
Phone: 509-477-2320
Fax: 509-477-6607

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